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 $30/2 week unlimited

As a new student to the Studio, we want you to have the opportunity to get a little taste of every class we have to offer so you can find the ones that feed your soul and fit your schedule! Enjoy unlimited classes for 2 weeks and then get 50% off your first unlimited monthly addict membership!



          $109/month                          $129/month + 1 child               $139/month + 2 or more 

-INCLUDES a subscription to The Studio Online

-Bring a bestie for free ANY TIME (you can only bring the same friend 3 times/year)

-Student Memberships available ($89/month): not sold online and requires proof of full-time attendance in an undergrad program or high school; call, message, or come to The Studio to sign up

-No exclusions, no contracts, unlimited classes

 30 day cancellation notice required on all autopay memberships


                                       10 Class Pass                                       20 Class Pass                              

-25% discount to heroes (military, police, firefighters and teachers) on 10 class passes in Studio

-If you are unable to make a class and do not provide a 12-hour cancellation, your pass will not be refunded

-Class passes cannot be shared, or transferred and expire 12 months after purchase


Daily livestreams and an On Demand Library of over 100 workouts.

14 Day Free Trial, then just $24.99/month







We LOVE 417 and totally get that not everybody is ready for commitment!  That’s why we offer several Community Classes. No memberships or class passes are required. No need to pre-register, but the option is available online. Single visits can be purchased at registration (see The Schedule).



We offer childcare with qualified, loving adults to take care of your little ones so you can take care of you! Childcare is available Monday-Friday 9:00am. Please register your child under your name because space is limited.  Please do not bring food for your little ones during their stay due to allergies and choking hazards.  If you are needed during the hour, the childcare worker will text you.  You will be allowed to have your phone during class.  We do not diaper or help little ones use the bathroom.




We have a one-in, one-out waitlist policy. The moment someone cancels their reservation,  MINDBODY will send you an email or text letting you know YOU’RE IN-YOU MUSY OPT IN TO EMAILS AND TEXT NOTIFICATIONS when you create your account. If you are not able to make it and you fail to cancel within 12 hours, there is a $5 waitlist fee charged for all classes.  If you wake up barfing your guts out, your kiddo gets sick at the last minute, or you hit a deer on the way, let us know.  We understand that life happens, and we will be happy to waive the fee. 




What should I bring with me? 


For starters, your beautiful self and a positive attitude. For anything else, each class description provided on MINDBODY gives you a detailed list of the necessities. Most classes require a yoga mat, so just throw that baby in the car just in case.  Dress comfortably based on the class description and temperature (NEVER WEAR SWEATPANTS AND LONG SLEEVES-EVER...DON’T DO IT).  


Forgot your mat? We got you!


The Studio has mats to borrow free of charge and also offers high quality Studio mats for sale! 


Feeling like Dirty Diana? We have showers and refresh stations!


The Studio offers two shower rooms that are available for 30 minutes after class.  We have all the necessities including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, disposable razors and lotions (nuestra casa es su casa). There are also two refresh stations if you don’t have time for a shower but need to freshen up.  These include everything from dry shampoo, gum, body spray, and even...wait for it...little disposable toothbrushes!


I’m not sure when to arrive? 


The Studio is open 15 minutes before classes begin and 30 minutes after they finish. We recommend new students allow the full 15 minutes to visit the front desk and tour our space. Our class schedule is posted right here on this website, our APP, MINDBODY and our FACEBOOK page. 


I’m out of shape...where do I start?


Well, congrats, because you’ve already taken the first step by visiting this website. First thing’s first, find something that sounds FUN to you! Each class at The Studio is taught by highly trained fitness professionals who will offer modifications and encourage you to listen to your body. If you find something you love and not just something you think will make your butt look good or tone your arms, we promise it will leave you feeling empowered, encouraged, and looking forward to your next class! Remember; getting through the door is the scary part, but it’s also super exciting because you’ve made a decision to change your life. EMBRACE IT!  Feel the fear and do it anyway, girl.

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