THE MVMNT is just that...a movement towards celebrating the beauty of a woman’s body and all the amazing things of which it is capable. Our intention is to offer a Studio-to-Street athleisure collection that has badass goddess written all over it previously unavailable to the beautiful women of 417 (that’s YOU!). Whether you are a runner, yogi, dancer, crossfit-er, or headed out on the town, we have something for the warrior in each of you!

The MVMNT isn’t just a retail shop; it’s an experience. Just like the classes at The Studio, you can expect to feel welcome and worthy, have a blast, and leave feeling empowered, encouraged, and ready to take on the day!


Come and shop with us!

Mon-Th 11-2 and 5-6 

Saturday and Sunday open 30 minutes before and after each scheduled class for both public and studio Addict's.

Addict Hours:  Mon-Th 9-2 and 5-9 Friday 9-2